Do you recognize this fellow?

He's an Expert on Everything.
He plays along with "Jeopardy!" and runs the board.
He mocks the inept contestants on "..Millionaire?"
He finds a way to let people he meets know about his SAT scores.
He's confident he can ace almost any test (especially multiple choice) relying on his vast collection of facts and the test taking skills he has honed since high school.
O.K., he's your friend, your co-worker, maybe your brother-in-law, but his confidence verges on superiority and this can get just a little… annoying.

Infogrifter has crafted a service guaranteed to puncture this confidence along with his inflated ego. Appropriately, it's a new kind of confidence game designed specifically to grift our friend, the contemporary, urban "know-it-all". You can use his pride in his general knowledge, his own intellectual arrogance, to manipulate him into making a bet he is certain of winning. It is a bet he will lose. You could take him to the cleaners, but maybe you should just have him take you to lunch.

Infogrifter invites you to "go on the grift" with INFOGRIFTER.COM