Inventory of "Factual" Propositions

The factual propositions that make up our inventory all represent catastrophic breakdowns of common knowledge.  Each represents an erroneous "fact" about the world that has become established in our culture's mind; established to the degree that 80% of well-informed Americans will confidently affirm its validity.

We think that these breakdowns, while rare and sometimes trivial, are interesting and significant for what they represent.  They demonstrate endemic weaknesses in the ways we, as individuals and as a culture, process information and acquire "facts."  They show how conventional narratives, intuition, stereotypes, and lazy syllogistic reasoning can corrupt our notions about the world, and that these distortions are more pervasive than we might suppose.  Please go to the Essay page for a detailed discussion of these epistemological issues.

Do you think you know a "fact" that should be included in our Inventory? Please use the Contact page to let us know about it. If your idea is new to us and we go on to include it in our Inventory, we will pay you $50 and give you credit.

The quiz at is made up of the first 30 of the 75 or so questions currently listed below.

A note about the illustrations: We should acknowledge that many of our question collages are designed to subtly, subliminally reinforce the conventional, flawed narratives that misguide our thinking on these questions.

99 degree cities?

"Ain't that a shame? My tears fell like rain..."?

Ark pairs?

"Wherefore art thou Romeo?"?


Best picture of 1957?

Wetter world capital?

Chopsticks nations?

Closest to L.A.?

Coincidental birthday odds?

Wetter Mediterranean capital?

Earthquake time zone?

Equal tricolor flag?

Exiled from Eden?

Furthest from Chicago?

Gallons per cubic foot?

Heaviest planet?

High calorie serving?

Victorious Japan?

Immaculate Conception?

It's is?

Korean Congressional Medals of Honor?

Language of Kaddish?

Larger U.S. municipality?

Largest mass extinction?

Leap year years?

Mainland boroughs of NYC?

Merited result?

Mexico City proximity?


Oh what a tangled web we weave?

Old Testament prophet?

Older World City?

Oldest class of life?

Plains Indians' way of life?

Protectors of the Jews?

20th century Japanese foe?

25 largest corporations?

Easter Island time?

International Tourist Destination?

Larger exporting nation?

Lima to Jakarta?

More cropped state?

More time zones?

Most forested nation?

Most populous Eastern tribe?

Most western city?

Region of the Irish?

Wetter American city?

Beijing pronunciation?

Saigon to Havana?

Seven letter word?

Star of Bethlehem?

Supreme Court size?


Ten Commandments?

Third Hollywood version?

Trojan horse author?

Unreal element?

Before the revolution?

Book of Exodus?

Confederate Stars and Bars?

Hudson River descent?

Trendy girl's name?

Northeast journey?

Current English flag?

Most popular

A state of wheat?

Lowest SAT state?

Lowest murder rate city?

Most Polynesian mainland state?

Before it was New York?