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Book of Exodus?
Which of the following episodes is described in the Book of Exodus?

a) Moses returns from Mount Sinai after receiving the Commandments. When he sees the Hebrews worshipping of the Golden Calf, Moses smashes the holy tablets he carries and joins in the orgiastic, pagan revels. He comes to his senses the following day.

b) After the Exodus from Egypt, Moses intentionally extends the Hebrew peoples wandering in the desert for many years because he cannot bear to break-off his addiction to manna.

c) Moses learns he is not an Egyptian nobleman, but kindred to the Hebrew slaves he commands.

d) God, intending to kill Moses, appears where Moses and his family are encamped on their journey to Egypt, but Moses\' wife circumcises her son, touches Moses with the detached foreskin and God lets Moses live.

e) Pass