"Online Sting" Orientation

Infogrifter's online sting is a detailed and subtle enterprise.  Some minor mental exertion may be required to understand how it works, but this isn't calculus; you can master it.  It will be worth the effort. This equation below pretty much sums it up:


Let's briefly identify the main points.

Infogrifter clients are provided the use of our online sting operation, a website called GeneralKnowledgeCompetencyBoard.org, our
virtual "Trojan horse."  GKCB.org presents itself as a high-minded non-profit organization, tasked with the mission of promoting "general
knowledge proficiency" for Americans.  To this end, it offers a quiz "scientifically" designed to measure an individual's grasp of general
knowledge and, if merited, certify his mastery of essential facts. Secondly, GKCB.org encourages participants to sponsor informal quiz
competitions for their friends and colleagues at the site. 


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