"Online Sting" Orientation

In reality, every question on the GKCB quiz arises from a catastrophic breakdown of common knowledge, a false proposition that most well informed people will unquestioningly endorse as fact most of the time. The nice thing about the quiz is that its duplicitous nature is virtually undetectable, especially in the context in which it is presented. Almost everyone invited to the quiz, if they are self-confident, Ken Jennings-types, will fail spectacularly while firmly believing they have done pretty darn well.

A key element of our confidence game is the final, bonus question that follows the thirty multiple-choice questions that make up the body of the quiz. This question asks the quiz-taker to estimate the score he will receive. This aspect of the scheme is vital because it puts the potential "mark" on record with regard to his expectations.

How does Infogrifter.com make money? We bill our clients $3 each time someone they have invited to the quiz completes the quiz and scores at least 75 points lower than estimated in his answer to the bonus question. We believe, however, that our clients should be able to extract more than $3 worth of satisfaction from each of their deluded friends. IN ANY CASE, AS STATED AT REGISTRATION, YOUR PAYMENT OF AN INFOGRIFTER BILL IS ENTIRELY VOLUNTARY.  Just remember, there is honor among thieves...

We should explain at this point that we have three kinds of potential customers reading this page, each with a somewhat different relation to the enterprise: grifter/clients, marks, and GKCB sponsor/grifters:

-A "sponsor/grifter" is someone who found GKCB.org independently, Registered there, agreed to pay $6 for its services, took the quiz and found out about Infogrifter.com when he got to the quiz scoring page. GKCB sponsors may use Infogrifter.com services without additional charge.

-A "mark" is someone who took the quiz for free using a link in an invitation email sent to him by a grifter/client or a sponsor/grifter, and found out about Infogrifter.com at the quiz scoring page. We hope these marks will now elect to become grifter/clients.

-A "grifter/client" is someone who registers here at Infogrifter.com to get access to the quiz at GKCB.org. We want all of you in all three of these categories to become infogrifters and use the grifter services offered on this site. Grifters and former marks register here and are billed $3 per successful grift. More about how that is defined as we proceed. GKCB sponsors, having paid $6 for invitation privileges at GKCB.org, can, as noted above, use grifter services here for free.


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