"Online Sting" Orientation

As briefly as possible, our game works like this:

Infogrifter client/clients must pretend to have found GeneralKnowledgeCompetencyBoard.org, and to have paid it $6 to take its quiz and obtain the privilege of sponsoring others who may to take the quiz for free.  As "sponsors", they send "invitation emails" to the know-it-alls in their acquaintance, emails containing a link to GKCB.org that allows free access to the quiz.  After each of these people completes the quiz an email is immediately sent to our client (but not the "mark") with information about that person's score. The client then has the opportunity to contact his friend and propose a little wager on how well he did.  This is the part we can't do for you.  We can trick your arrogant, self-satisfied friend real good, but you have to do the acting required to manipulate this person into making a bet.  We will offer you a lot of advice on how to do this, but we can't give you the nerve and ruthlessness to pull it off.

More detail on every aspect of the game will be provided as this orientation proceeds, but really, the best way to begin to understand all this is register here, to go to GKCB.org and login there, examine its elaborate stagecraft, take the Quiz, and experience exactly what you will inflict on your friends and associates.  Bear in mind once more that someone who comes to GKCB.org without an invitation or without registering here, does have to pay the $6 to obtain access to its quiz.

Another way to get an idea of what this is about is to browse the Inventory here at Infogrifter.com.  The core of this enterprise is the Questions.  They represent rare but revealing breakdowns in the way we acquire factual information and they expose how folklore, conventional narratives, stereotypes, and lazy reasoning pervade our notions of the world to a much greater degree than we ordinarily appreciate.  This, in contrast to the info-grifting, is the good part of what we do.

Let's review the online sting process again in greater detail:

If you have not already registered at GKCB.org, register here, giving us only your username and email address, and choose a password.  We do not ask for credit card information at any point.  If you use our service and incur our tiny charges for successful trickery, we will bill you through Paypal and it can take your billing information (if you don't already have a Paypal account).

Go to GKCB.org and examine our "big store" [old time con man lingo for a sham fight club, betting parlor, or brokerage house].  Take note of the high-minded, pompous, ridiculous, yet strangely plausible language of the "Mission Statement".  Also note the "certification of general knowledge proficiency" promised as a reward to the most all-knowing know-alls.  This is all part of the show designed to lull visitors into a state of complacent receptivity by intensifying their eagerness to do well.


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