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Invitation email #1

Hey!  I just found this really challenging general knowledge quiz online and I thought of you.  The questions are difficult but not trivial or obscure.  You will be competing against a couple of our mutual friends and some other friends of mine you don't know.  And you will be competing against me.  You get to play for free because I paid.  (The quiz isn't free.)  Click on the link when you have 15 or 20 minutes for it.  The link only works once.  Good luck.

Invitation email #2

Hi.  I'm sponsoring your participation in a little competition at the Without my public-spirited generosity, it would cost you $6 to take their quiz and be evaluated. You'll be competing with all the know-it-alls I know, including me, I guess.  You'll also be competing against yourself, in the sense that this organization will certify your mastery of facts, if you score high enough.  The quiz is challenging and well put together.  Click on the link and good luck.

Invitation email #3

How's it going?  I've always thought you might be the smartest person I know and here's your chance to prove it.  I've entered you in a competition against the other Ken Jennings-types I know and I've paid for your participation.  Cost me $6!  Using the link gets you to the quiz for free.  This website,, has the most challenging and entertaining general knowledge quiz I've seen anywhere.  Let me know what you think.  Later.

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